Janz Revolver Types

How to get a Janz Revolver

 We will be happy to help you custom order your very own Janz Revolver. You can choose from various calibers, finishes, barrel lenghts , fixed or changeable calibers and barrels, embellishments, engravings, etc.

Wheather you are looking for a Hunting Revolver or a precision Sport Shooting Tool,

we have a limited number of new and used weapons in stock for your pleasure. The choice is yours, all it takes is your imagination. We are waiting for you....

Type EM

The Type EM Janz Revolver is the smallest of the 3 frames we make. It is available from caliber 22LR to 44 Magnum

Type E

The Type E Janz Revolver is the middle size and our most popular seller. It is available from caliber 22 LR to 454 Casull

Type MA

The type MA is the largest of the frames and is currently available in 500S&W and 460 S&W, other large bore calibers that fit in the cylinder can be accomodated

Type EM-S

The Type EM-S is the same as the Type EM, but with changeable calibers and barrels

Type E-S

The Type E-S is the same as the Type E, but with changeable calibers and barrels

Material Testing

 Due to the German Proofing Process, these revolvers are 30 percent stronger than required by US standards. All revolvers are shot to insure flawless and safe operation. All steel is specially hardened